7 Inflatable Boats That Are Suitable for Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and take it seriously, you also need to have your own gear. Investing in equipment is also part of the popular hobby and if you want to get things right, you need to own an inflatable boat. Inflatable boats are an excellent choice for almost any joyrider because of their cost-effectiveness and reliability but how much should you spend on one and which model to get?

7. West Marine RIB-275 Aluminum Hull Hypalon Inflatable Boat

The West Marine RIB-275 is one of their more expensive models. Due to its aluminum hull and 3 chamber structure, the boat offers great stability and excellent durability. It comes with a 10-horsepower motor and features a stringer system for the floor.

6. West Marine RIB-350 Double Floor Rigid Hypalon Inflatable Boat

If you want a bigger inflatable boat, you should have a look at the West marine RIB-350 model. It is considerably larger than the RIB-275 and has the same sturdy, reliable and practical construction. The boat comes with a large 25-horsepower motor and uses fiberglass and marine plywood for its structure.

5. West Marine RU-250 Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy

Having a limited budget also narrows down your options by a considerable margin. The RU-250 inflatable board from West Marine is among their cheapest models. It is also relatively small but it has a hull and design that allows you to roll it up to make it easy to store and travel with.

4. West Marine PRU-3 Performance Roll-Up Inflatable Boat

West Marine PRU-3 inflatable boat shares many features with its smaller sibling, the RU-250. It is a bit more expensive but still in the affordable range. For the money, you get a compact inflatable boat that can be rolled up and that can support up to 3 adults.

3. West Marine PSB-310 Performance PVC Aluminum Floor Inflatable Sport Boat

The West Marine PSB-310 was designed to be a fast inflatable boat. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with a shape that makes it very efficient. It comes with a 15-horsepower motor and two paddles. The boat is about 10 feet long and can accommodate 3 to 4 adults.

2. West Marine AL-290 Hypalon Inflatable Boat

If you are serious about getting a reliable inflatable boat, you may find the AL-290 from West Marine a rather interesting option. It features a lightweight Hypalon hull, aluminum floor, support handles, two rowing paddles, and a 10-horsepower motor. The boat is 9 feet long and takes very little space when deflated.

1. West Marine RIB-310 Double Floor Rigid Inflatable Boat

The RIB-310 inflatable boat from West Marine is similar to the RIB-350. However, this model is a bit smaller and better priced. It has the same durable and reliable floor along with a 15-horsepower motor. The model is around 10 feet long and has a 3 chamber structure.

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