Six Wave Series Treatment Products

1. Wave Duo

It is specifically made to contour the back, spine, and neck, this compact vibrating roller is powerful enough to relieve the aching parts of the body. It is made from high-quality materials and has five built-in vibrating frequencies and traction that massages the body while vibrating to the desired frequency of the user.

2. Wave Solo

This compact and lightweight device is capable of doing vibration therapy with pinpoint accuracy, it is made from durable and lightweight materials that are capable of doing three virbating frequencies that reduce the tensions and stress in the muscles. Due to its unique shape, it has the ability to reach certain areas in the human body where other massage devices fail to reach.

3. Wave Roller

This wave roller product is a combination of both vibration therapy and innovation, the roller is able to deliver enough vibration to relieve the muscles from soreness and stress. It also has Bluetooth connectivity that will the user to fully customized his/her desired frequency.

4. Fitness Mat

This mat is used for stretching, and being able to move at ease, this can be used when using the wave products for more comfort and ease. It is made from high-quality and durable materials that are non-slip providing security and stability.

5. Complete Wave Series Bundle

The Treatment Products Wave Collection can now be bought in bundles saving the user in the long run when purchasing these one-of-a-kind wave products at a bundle price making it more affordable and can be seen as a great investment.

6. Wave Duo And Roller Bundle

The duo bundle has been made affordable to the masses, this bundle can be easily packed for travel making it essential for business travels.

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