7 Fishing Rod & Reel Combos That Are Worth Owning

Fishing is not that fun if you do not have the proper gear. Fishing requires a bit of investment to become enjoyable and the first thing that you need to get or upgrade is your fishing rod & reel combos. These are essential for every amateur fisherman that wants to have an enjoyable experience alone or with friends.

7. Shakespeare –8'6" Tidewater® Trolling Combo

Shakespeare as a brand is well known for its rugged fishing rod & reel combos. The 8’6″ Tidewater® Trolling Combo delivers on both reliability and performance. Due to the way it was designed, the Trolling Combo is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

6. Penn 6'6" Special Senator Conventional Saltwater Combo, Heavy Power

Penn, as a brand, has decades of experience designing and building fishing equipment. Their 6’6″ Special Senator Conventional Saltwater Combo stays true to this legacy. Designed to be used for saltwater fishing, the rod offers improved leverage and enhanced rigidity, reducing flex and the chance of breaking it.

5. Daiwa BG5000 Offshore Spinning Combo

The Daiwa BG5000 is one of the more advanced fishing rod & reel combos from the brand. Made with aluminum construction and a rugged BG reel, the rod can handle anything you throw at it. It comes with a rotating handle for improved handling and reduced weight for improved maneuverability.

4. Okuma 7' Custom Black Series Inshore Spinning Combo, Size 55 Reel

If you want a rod & reel combo that performs admirably in freshwater, the Okuma 7′ Custom Black Series Inshore Spinning Combo is worth considering. The rod features a carbon fiber construction and heavy reinforcement to ensure long-lasting durability, even when the rod is put to a test.

3. Shakespeare 6' Catch More Fish Lake Pond Spinning Combo

Simplicity and practicality come to mind when looking at the Shakespeare 6′ combo. It is a small rod & reel combo that is suitable for small lakes and ponds. This freshwater combo is constructed out of fiberglass and due to its reduced size, it is very practical and easy to carry.

2. Penn 7' Spinfisher VI 5500 Heavy Spinning Combo

The Penn Penn 7′ combo is one of their best fishing rod & reel combos. It comes with plenty of features and solid construction to provide it with unparalleled reliability. Using graphite and aluminum, the combo is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

1. Shimano 5'9" TLD20 Reel/Star Rod Stand-Up Conventional Combo

Shimano is known to be a premium brand. Their products rarely disappoint and the 5’9″ TLD20 combo follows suit. It is a versatile but reliable combo. Being one of their mid-range fishing rod & reel combos, the model uses a graphite frame along with an aluminum spool which gives it ruggedness, robustness, and performance.

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