Top 7 Playthings For Kid’s to Grow With

Shopping for kids’ toys can be difficult. Younger children need things that help them learn basic motor skills, while older children need more stimulating things. Here are playthings to add to your kids’ toy list.

1. Montessori Placement and Mat

This is a colorful placement mat made of 100% cotton pumpkins. It includes two napkins, one silicone placement, one knife, and one fork. All materials are dishwasher safe and spillproof. With a placement mat and utensils, your child will encourage independence and enhance motor skills.

2. Organic Nap Mat

The cozy nap set includes a padded pillow, blanket, and custom buckles. They feature plastic buckles, straps, and poly filling. Additionally, they are certified to protect your child from sensitive chemicals and irritants. The set is designed with little hands in mind – you can now watch your child take their naptime seriously.

3. Sensory Strands

The sensory strands allow the little ones to discover new textures and sensations. They encourage cognitive and sensory sensation, motor skills, and tactile stimulation. The strands are made of polyester, cotton, and fiber to ensure durability. This product conforms to all safety standards.

4. Block Set

This is a brilliant system that consists of wooden blocks. It features 70 heirloom-quality pieces and stage-based activities. The system has modular features with physics concepts like magnetism, effort, force, and gravity. You can work on eye coordination and fine motor skills.

5. The Play Gym

The Play Gym gives your child the best possible start and everything they need for imaginative play. It’s ideally shaped for rolling, grasping, and passing from hand to hand. In addition, this product is ergonomically designed for grasping and battling. The organic cotton makes it perfect for mouthing.

6. Organic Cotton Play Funnel

The play tunnel is designed for hide-and-seek games. You simply tie on one side to create a tunnel and watch it bounce back. Your kid will develop strength, motor, and coordination skills. The tunnel diameter is 18.5” while the expanded length is 47.2”.

7. The Pull Pup

The Pull Pup is made of sustainable wood. There’s a string that makes the ears and tail stand up. This toy is crafted using baby-safe materials and is FSC-certified. It promotes skill development as the toddler starts to walk.

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