Why You Should Buy Laurie Felt Silky Denim Capri Jeans

With the Silky Denim Capri Jeans, Laurie Felt keeps both form and function at the forefront of her design. Taking a more classic approach than some of our other denim garments, this style features a five-pocket silhouette with clean stitching and no embellishments.

Why is it good?

1) ) Sizing

The Jean fits true to size and has a generous rise from natural waist to crotch. If you are in-between sizes or have a longer torso, I would recommend the petite for a more fitted look.

2) ) The cut

The cut of the Jean; is tailored with no bulk at the hip. This is my favorite part about these jeans, as I can wear them higher on my waist without any excess fabric pulling around my hips and tummy area. I also love the extra space in the crotch area and how comfortable these are even when I have my ten-month-old daughter in my arms.

3) ) The quality of the denim

The Silky Denim comes with a soft feel to it and does not feel too thick or too thin. There is a bit of stretch to the jeans, which helps for movement and comfort. I also like that they don’t pull or stretch out when wet from being washed or worn.

4) ) The fit

These are a very well-designed jean style in my opinion. If you have been looking for a jean style that not only has great quality, but also something that can be worn all day and night, this is the one for you!

5) ) The styling

There are so many ways to wear the Jean; from casual to dressy. I have chosen to wear my jeans with a fun tank, booties, and a cute jacket, but they really can be worn with anything.

If you are looking for well-made, high-quality jeans with a classic cut and fit, the Laurie Felt Silky Denim Jeans are worth every penny – especially when you think about how many times you will be able to wear them in the next few months!

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