9 Beautiful Decorative Wine Racks For Your Home

Do you drink wine? if you do when do you store it? One thing to store for convenience and another thing is to store to show the love and beauty in it. This is where the decorative wine rack comes in. This type of wine rack is plenty and we must know which one to choose to make sure it suits our home environment. Today we will list 9 beautiful decorative wine racks for your home.

1) Jumbo Bin 120 Bottle Wine Rack (Natural)

This beautiful, durable and eco-friendly wine rack is made from sustainable tree plantations in Indonesia.

* Made with strong mahogany wood
* Can store up to 120 standard Bordeaux wine bottles
* Can be easily assembled with pre-drilled holes

2) Winebars Wine Bottle Bookends (2 Sets)

An elegant and simple design that secures all your bottles horizontally.

* Comes with a solid aluminum bar with a rubber insert
* Comes in 3 colors
* Can be slipped into your cabinet shelves or fridge

3) 12 Bottle Label View Wall Wine Rack

This impressive wall-mounted rack is 3 feet in diameter and comes ready to hang

* Can store up to 12 bottles
* Made with a sturdy wrought iron design
* No assembly is required

4) Metal Hanging Wine Glass Rack

Can be hung above a tasting table, kitchen island, or wine bar and is securely suspended from steel chains

* Display in rustic style
* Holds up to 8 bottles and 24 stems
* Made with heavy metal powder coating

5) Anjou Modular Metal & Wood Wine Rack

Can be used singly or in multiple

* Holds up to 78 bottles
* Made from classic iron and pine

6) Steel Pantry Wine Rack (126 Bottles)

This 7 shelf cabinet is made for kitchen and pantries

* Can hold over 160 bottles
* Dimension is 65 x 35.5 x 14

7) Alsace Modular Wine Racking Components

Designed to store as many or as less as you want.

* Comes in 3 options cabinet, shelf, and tabletop
* Can be mixed and matched

8) Cube Style X Style Wine Rack

Can be fit securely on top of one another to save some space

* Can hold from 12 to 16 bottles
* Made with walnut stained mahogany wood

9) Vintagewiew Case & Crate Bin Locker

This vintage and exciting cabinet comes with the added security of a lockable door

* Holds standard 750ml bottles
* Can store from 48 to 192 bottles depending on the size

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