7 Important Tools To Make Your Business Shine Online

Doing business is one of the best things you can dream of. Doing business can make your life better but to do that you need the right tool to make sure your business is well-known worldwide. The best thing to do is to promote it online. Promoting online will grow your business quickly and today we will list 7 important tools to make your business shine online.

1) Ecommerce Templates

Get your hand on our world-class templates to make your product come to life.

* Merchandise your product by using limited availability labels and product catalog
* All the templates are mobile optimized

2) Sell Products Online

Sell your products online by making them simple and efficient in every way

* Merchandise your product using a catalog, quick view, visibility, and scheduling
* Use effective shipping and pick up options for customers
* Use the inventory to showcase your products and convenience of simple payment and checkout

3) Sell Services Online

Whatever services you have, use this tool to attract them to use it.

* Get found using strong SEO tools and grow your audience by using a mailing list
* Schedule appointments by using reminders and online booking
* Use subscription and gift cards to attract more customers

4) Scheduling Appointments

Schedule an appointment for your business 24/7 anywhere and anytime.

* Use tools like calendar coordination and video conferencing
* Integrate your scheduling with 3rd party app
* Schedule a pricing plan with multiple options

5) Store Management

Manage your online store easily by using our service.

* Comes with multiple shipping options
* Manage your payment, checkout, and taxes easily
* Manage your order and engage with customers using our order management

6) Member Areas

Sell membership access to online courses, videos, and communities.

* Generate avenues easily by using these tools
* Comes with an award-winning website and all-in-one tool
* Comes with multiple pricing plans

7) Extensions

Expand and optimize your site with third-party extensions.

* Can be connected to leading services and tools like youtube and GoogleMaps
* Comes with 31 extensions options

If you don’t have the right tool your business can flop, but don’t worry as you can visit Squarespace to make sure your online promotion is good and outshine others. For more info on the products please click the link below.

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